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20 Most Inspiring Books By Beth Moore




  1. Believing God: Beth Moore in this book talks about the Christian belief system and asks us if it is applied to our individual lives and if it is working for us, she tries to explain to us that part of the way we can convince others that our Christianity is working for us is by showing proof and the fruit of our belief.


  1. Chasing vines: this a book of inspiration for every Christian, in this book, Beth Moore teaches us that as Christian we must undergo trials and tribulations but its all to the glory of God in our lives because God is aware of everything and at the end if we stay connected to him, we shall be fruitful in unimaginable ways.


  1. Breaking free: this book written by Beth Moore was derived from the book of Isaiah 61:1-4. She compares the life of the Israelites who were in captive to the Christians of today and she teaches us how to attain freedom in Christ by holding on to our spiritual strongholds.


  1. When Godly people do ungodly things: in this book, bet more helps us to understand that as believers we are prone to the devils attack and we must stay conscious and watch out for the devils has snatched so many believers away from their faith and joy, she also teaches us that we how to find our way back to God if we have been defeated.


  1. Children of the day: Beth Moore in this book focuses on 1 and 2 Thessalonians, she helps us understand that God’s time is the best for us. She encourages us to stop worrying about our situations that are not pleasing, God is always with us and nothing that happens to us happens without the knowledge of God, we are advised in this book to trust him with everything both our problems and fears.


  1. Praying God’s words: Beth Moore in this book teaches us to always study Gods words everyday, she has asked us to add it up to our prayers, she says it’s the way we can get rid of spiritual strongholds that are not of God in our lives because it is by praying Gods words, we can wield the sword of the spirit.


  1. Daniel: in this book Beth Moore using the life of Daniel teaches us how we can stand firm in our faith in God, in a world like ours where everyone is doing the opposite of what God expects of us, Beth Moore, she showed us how Daniel dealt with his pressure and we ware encouraged to pick up the courage of Daniel.


  1. Esther: its tough being a woman: being a woman is not an easy job, just like it was not in the days of Esther, in this book, Beth Moore, teaches us how to handle the stress and pressure surrounding a woman from the bible.


  1. A heart like his: in this book, Beth Moore makes us understand that David the man after Gods heart was man like us, there were days where he sinned against God and there were times he was good with God, but God loved him regardless just like he does us, we too can be like David and have a great relationship with God no matter the situation.


  1. A woman’s heart: in this book Beth Moore give us reasons to want to prepare our heart for the dwelling of Christ she showed us through the old testament and the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness how much God wants to be Close to our hearts.


  1. Get out of the pit: this book features psalm 40, its all about the freedom that God can give and how he will deliver us from all the darkness’s in our lives, it is a book that gives us hope.


  1. Stepping up: this book examines psalm 120 and psalm 134, Beth Moore in this book, she helps us to understand that it is our journey as believers to end in the New Jerusalem, which is heaven. Also while on the journey, just like the pilgrims did it in those days, we are expected sing worships and praises on our way.


  1. Whispers of hope: this book teaches us of the power in praying with the combination of the word of God daily, helps us create a stronger relationship and it.


  1. James: this book is about Jesus own brother James, and how at first he doubted until he saw one glimpse of the resurrection. Some topics of this book are, joy, reversal of wealth for rich and poor.
  2. Now that faith has come: this book dives into the letters of apostle Paul to the Galatians, it tells us of the original recipients, it talks about how apostle paul help strengthen the faith of those Galatian coverts when the going got tough, it talks about how he would tell the believers to stand strong in their faith, he would remind them of the benefits of living in God’s approval.


  1. The beloved disciple: this book talks about john and how he was very close to Jesus, how he experienced a lot of Jesus’s love. She wants us to know that God will love us the same way.


  1. Believing God day by day: it is an in depth study of Isaiah 40 and Hebrew 11, it talks about the plan God has for his believers and how when we believe in him with everything we have, we will be amazed at the result.


  1. The patriarch’s: in this book, we study God’s desire for a relationship man, and his great plans for us, this book captures it’s readers and reveals God to all.


  1. The promise of security: New York Timesbest-selling book b y Beth Moore, it guides women on how to attain a deep soul security in God. Each chapter talks on different insecurity challenges women face and how they can over come them.


  1. Entrusted: our heavenly race was not meant to be done alone, he has given us his words in the Gospel to guide us, therefore whenever we loos our way we must return to the word of god in the bible to be reunited with our journey.