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Dave Meyer Biography and everything you need to know about him

DAVE MEYER: Biography and everything you need to know about him. The article below would help you get to know everything about Dave Meyer , by answering the following questions

Dave Meyer s age

Dave Meyer birthday

Dave Meyer birth place

Dave Meyer husband

Dave Meyer children

Dave Meyer home

Dave Meyer ministry

Dave Meyer sermons

Dave Meyer  books

Dave Meyer tv shows

Dave Meyer controversies

Dave Meyer net worth

Dave Meyer social media contacts



Dave Meyer a popular author and a great public speaker, he is the husband of the famous and popular preacher, Joyce Meyer and he is the president of their ministry, the Joyce Meyer ministries. Dave Meyer was born on the 31st July, 1940 which makes him 79 years old, he was brought up and born in the united states of America.



Dave Meyer got married to his ever stunning wife pastor Joyce Meyer in 1967, they have been married for a very long lime now, over 50 years and they have managed to be with each other for this long because they applied the word of God to their marriage, at first it was not easy, because Joyce suffered from depression of all she faced in her early life and how she had, had to struggle with life, in her early life, she was sexually abused by her father and married to the man for five years before she found her current husband, they worked on it together and now they are strong together. Dave meyer has been a very supportive husband to his wife both in the ministry and in their private life.



Joyce Meyer is a popular preacher and founder of Joyce Meyers ministry, she is 78 years old, she is worth about 10 million united states dollars, she is also an author, popular for the books unshakeable trust, do it afraid and many more.



Together with his wife Joyce Meyer, Dave Meyer has four grown children, their names are Daniel B Meyer, David Meyer, Laura Marie Hotzmann and Sandra Ellen Mccollom, two boys and two girls respectively, and all their four grown children are involved in some form of Christian ministry. Dave and his family all live in St. Louis, Missouri,



Dave Meyers net worth is between the ranges of two million dollars and two million, five hundred thousand dollars, his source ranges from his very well written books as it is no secret that Dave Meyer, just like his wonderful wife Joyce Meyer is a talented writer and he receives salary from the church also.



Here are some of the books written by Dave Meyer:

  1. Freedom is costly but priceless
  2. Lifelines: inspiration, insights
  3. Nuggets of life: over 200 nuggets of life
  4. Dave’s nuggets: wisdom for everyday life



  • It is also important to note that Dave is a veteran of the United State’s Army.
  • Dave Meyer also publishes some articles in the everyday life magazine, run by the Joyce Meyer ministry.