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Dinosaurs Mentioned In The Bible

Dinosaurs Mentioned In The Bible

Dinosaurs Mentioned In The Bible

From the beginning of human history, we have been fascinated by dragons. Dragons are big and scary, but they can also be strong and powerful. They’re a symbol of many things — sometimes bad and evil, sometimes good and helpful. In this article I’m going to show you how dragons are mentioned in the Bible, what they mean when they’re there, and how they compare to other kinds of creatures that also appear in ancient stories about people and animals.

What Are Dragons

Dragons are large, flying reptiles that are often portrayed as evil. However, dragons can be good and even heroic. They’re associated with water and fire (their breath is often fiery). Dragons are also depicted as having wings and scales instead of fur or feathers.


Behemoth is a creature mentioned in the Book of Job. Behemoth is described as existing before God created other animals, and is referred to as “King over all the children of pride”. The text describes it as having a tail like a cedar tree, and feet like pillars – which are descriptions that would indicate that they’re not dinosaurs, but rather mammals (or at least mammalian-looking creatures).

Behemoth’s other features include his nose being like a sword and his heart being similar to diamonds or flint stones. Because we don’t know what these features look like on real life creatures (behemoths?), we can’t make any concrete conclusions about whether or not they actually existed.


Leviathan is a sea monster described in the Bible. Some believe that Leviathan was a dinosaur, but others disagree.

The word “Leviathan” comes from two Hebrew words: levi and athan. Le means “to join together,” and athan means “neck.” In other words, people who pronounce the word correctly will say it like this: LEE-VY-THAN (with the E sounding like the A in father). It’s important to pronounce this word correctly because if you don’t say it right, God will smite you with lightning or something equally terrifying!

Leviathan has many different forms depending on where in Scripture he appears; he can be anything from a serpent to an alligator or crocodile. He also takes on various shapes throughout his time in scripture—sometimes he has four legs and sometimes he has none! So what exactly does he look like? Would we even know him if we saw him? The answer is yes! In fact, some scholars think that this sea monster might actually be several types of animals combined into one terrifying beastie! We may never know for sure until we see one firsthand…or at least until someone finds evidence of their existence somewhere within our own galaxy…but these questions won’t stop scientists from trying to find out more about them despite their skepticism towards religious texts such as these ones here today at Dinosaurs Mentioned In The Bible Daycare Center & Nursery School Incorporated where we teach children how much fun learning can be when done through interactive activities such as arts & crafts projects involving dinosaurs eating each other’s brains out while playing hide-and-seek around campus grounds during recess breaks between classes which usually lasts no more than 30 minutes per session


Hebrew is a Semitic language, meaning that its roots are in the Middle East. It is written and spoken from right to left, unlike English and other Western languages. Hebrew is also a consonant-heavy language, with one letter representing each sound—so it’s very easy to pronounce without understanding any of the letters.

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters: Aleph (א), Bet (ב), Gimel (ג), Daleth (ד), Heh (ה), Vav (ו) Zayin (ז), Cheth (ח), Teth( ט ), Yodh( י ), Kaph( כ ), Lamedh( ל ), Mem( מ ), Nun( נ ), Samekh( ֵ ש ) Shin(ש ) Tav(ת).

Hebrew is used as an official language in Israel and other countries within the Middle East such as Iran, Iraq and Syria. It’s also considered sacred by many Jews who read from their holy books every day.


English is the language of:

  • The United Kingdom, which includes England and Scotland.
  • The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

What is a Job?

The book of Job is the first of the five books in the Bible that begins with a double letter. The author is unknown, but it is believed to have been written during the time of Moses. The book consists of a dialogue between Job and his friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar.

The word job means “one who was born prematurely” (that is, before full term). The name may be a shortened form from ‘Jubal’ meaning “father” or “progenitor“. One theory suggests that he may have been an ancestor to Noah; others think he lived much later on in history than Noah did because his words seem so modern compared with other writings found in Genesis 5 & 11 (which were written by Moses).

Job lived in Uz where there was no rain or dew so he had enough food without having any crops grow on land. He owned big herds which supplied him with milk for cheese making; these animals also provided wool for clothes making as well as leather skins for shoes and sandals making too!

The Bible mentions dragons.

The Bible mentions dragons. The word dragon is translated from the Greek word drakon and the Hebrew word tanniyn. In both languages, these words can refer to many types of animals: large snakes, crocodiles, lions, crocodile-like creatures with four legs (the basilisk), and even flying serpents.

Dragons are described as having four feet or legs like a bear; wings like an eagle; scales like a fish (sometimes called leviathan); and horns on their heads like a bull. But not all dragons have all these features! Some are only snake-like with no wings or horns (Job 41). Some have wings but no scales or legs (Psalm 91). One dragon has 10 horns on its head (Daniel 7) while another has seven heads upon its body and 10 diadems upon each head (Revelation 12). There are exceptions for every rule about what features dragons have!

While dragons may vary in appearance depending on where they live or what they eat, the most consistent feature across cultures is that they breathe fire—sometimes even ice! Dragons also tend to be associated with evil because many myths portray them as hostile forces trying to destroy humanity when they aren’t busy eating people.* That said…

These are just a few of the dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible. I’m sure there are more that we missed, but my main goal was to show how dragons were around before movies like Harry Potter came out. We often think of dragons as something from fantasy stories or cartoons, but if you look at these verses carefully then you will see that they hold a lot of truth behind them! Whether there really were dinosaurs roaming this planet thousands of years ago or not doesn’t matter much because it still makes sense that they would have existed considering how big God is capable of making things such as whales (see Job 40:15-17). Also keep in mind that it wasn’t until recently when dinosaurs were discovered by humans which means there is still plenty more evidence out there waiting for us all to discover one day