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Fear Not For I Have Redeemed You

Fear Not For I Have Redeemed You

Fear Not For I Have Redeemed You

Isaiah 43 is a reminder that God will redeem you. This verse is a comfort to anyone who feels alone and afraid. It reminds us that we can trust God when life seems uncertain, because He has everything under control.

Isaiah 43

The book of Isaiah is a collection of prophecy and poetry that were written over a span of hundreds of years by various prophets. Isaiah 43:1-7 is one such passage in which we are reminded that God is with us when we feel uncertain, and He will redeem us from our fears.


You’ve been redeemed.

God has saved you from sin, the grave and the devil, who once had dominion over your life. But now all of that is changed because He has redeemed you!

He does not redeem us because we are worthy in ourselves—we are far from it—but rather to show His great love for us. We can be certain that God did not redeem us because we were inherently good or deserved salvation. On the contrary: “All have sinned” (Romans 3:23). Therefore God’s grace is abundant, since He freely gives us what we do not deserve at all (see Ephesians 1:7; 2 Corinthians 9:15).

redemption song

Redemption Song by Bob Marley

Redemption song is a classic reggae song that has been covered many times and continues to be popular today. The lyrics describe the singer’s desire for redemption from sin, oppression and even the devil himself.

redemption bible verse

The Bible is the most comprehensive source for all things related to redemption. It tells us that God has redeemed us, and it’s a gift from him. Redemption is a process, but it’s a good one. When we accept that this is our reality and that we are being redeemed by God every day, then we can begin to see how beautiful it really is.

When you start to see this process through the eyes of faith instead of fear, then you’ll be able to let go of past hurts and anger. You might not forget them entirely—that could take years—but instead of holding onto those painful memories or letting them control your life today and tomorrow, you can finally learn how much better life becomes when they’re gone!

Isaiah 43 Bible Verse

God is with you and he will redeem you from all things that bind you. God will redeem you from your fears and insecurities, he will redeem you from darkness, sin, and everything else that has held you back in life. God says that it is not the price of the redemption that matters but his love for us, which makes him want to save us so badly that he would pay any price for our salvation.

Fear Not Bible Verse

Fear not, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name, you are mine. Fear not, for I am with you. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Fear not! For God has delivered us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of His beloved Son!

God Redeemed You Bible Verse

  • God has redeemed you from sin.
  • God has redeemed you from the grave.
  • God has redeemed you from the devil.
  • God has redeemed you from the law.
  • God has redeemed you from darkness (destruction).***Section End – “Redeemed” is defined as “to buy back or recover for oneself or another, to rescue by giving payment or compensation.”

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change Bible Verse

Change is inevitable.

The world is constantly changing, and you can’t stop it. Even if you try to hold on to things that are familiar and comfortable, your life will move forward no matter what—and change will happen whether you want it or not.

Change is good.

Change can be scary and difficult, but change also creates more opportunity for growth and improvement in every area of our lives: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Change allows us to experience new things in life that we may have never known otherwise; it helps us grow as individuals by exposing us to different perspectives on the world around us; it challenges our preconceived notions about what’s possible or impossible based on our past experiences; it makes us stronger through adversity because we’ve had to fight through challenges before reaching success (if there was no challenge at all then there would be no sense of accomplishment). Change makes everything better!

Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Risk Bible Verse

Psalm 27:1 says, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

To live in accordance with this verse, you must avoid fear. Fear is a hindrance to the work that God has planned for your life. It will keep you from your destiny if left unchecked. But how does one avoid fear? The answer lies in taking risks. You cannot hope to overcome your fears if you don’t first take steps toward conquering them!

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Unknown Bible Verse

This is the message you hear when you read God’s word: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1) God has redeemed us from the curse of sin and death. He has called us by our name and given us his Holy Spirit to dwell in us. We do not fear because we know that we belong to him!

Isaiah 43 is a great reminder that God is with you when you are uncertain and that He will redeem you.

Isaiah 43 is a great reminder that God is with you when you are uncertain, and He will redeem you.

When we feel uncertain, the thing that can bring us comfort is knowing that God is always with us. The Word of God reminds us of this: “Fear not for I have redeemed you.”

God loves us and has redeemed us from our sin and uncertainty. We are called to trust Him in all circumstances because He is with us, no matter what happens or how we feel about ourselves or our lives at any given moment in time.

God has redeemed you and He will always be with you. He knows your struggles and will help you through them. Remember that Jesus Christ was tempted in all ways like we are, but he did not sin and neither should we. God’s love is greater than any fear or worry that might come our way