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Heaven And The World Of Spirits And Hell

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Heaven And The World Of Spirits And Hell

Heaven And The World Of Spirits And Hell

The spiritual world is a complex and mysterious place, full of spirits who live in a variety of places. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the three main realms found in the spiritual world: heaven, hell, and earth.

The World of Spirits

You are not alone. The spirit world is real, and it’s always been around you. You may have seen it as a shadow or a mist passing before your eyes. Or maybe you’ve felt its presence in the air, a kind of tingle on the skin and goose bumps rising up to greet it. There are many ways to encounter spirits in this world; however, most people never do so consciously because they have no idea how to access them or what they might be like.

There are other worlds beyond ours that exist parallel to ours, unseen by most people but detectable by those with special abilities (such as psychics). These higher realms can be accessed through meditation or prayer—or simply through dreaming—and they exist in an entirely different dimension than ours does: one where time moves differently than we know here on Earth; where there is no physical matter such as water vapor molecules floating in front of one’s face when one looks up at the sky during sunrise; where thoughts can travel at speeds faster than light while being connected simultaneously with every person who ever lived anywhere across all time zones known currently as “Earth.”

A Spiritual Sun

The sun represents the Lord. It is the source of life and light, both physical and spiritual. The sun’s light illumines our world, giving us warmth and inspiration when we need it most. The Lord has created this marvelous orb with His Divine Love so that we may be able to enjoy life on earth—but there are other sources of light in our universe that also reflect His glory.

There are planets in space that have their own moons orbiting them as well; however, these moons do not emit their own light but merely reflect back onto the planet what is being produced by its parent star (i.e., our Sun). These celestial bodies can only be seen during nighttime hours because they’re always behind something else whenever viewed from Earth’s perspective during daylight hours—i.e., during daytime hours!

The Spiritual Heavens

The spiritual heaven is the state of mind. It is a state of peace and happiness, where one finds tranquility and harmony with God. In the spiritual heaven, one experiences joy, love and forgiveness for all people. One also realizes a love for all creation as well as an understanding that God cares for each person individually.

In order to go to heaven when you die (or rather come back here), it means that you must overcome your sorrows by forgiving those who hurt or wronged you; this will allow you to enter into paradise!

The Cursed and Damned Hells

There are many hells, each one created by the mind. The hells are infinite, like space is. The only difference is that hells are not physical as space is; they exist in the imagination or thought process of a person.

They can be escaped from and changed by altering your state of mind. This means changing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself and what you think life should be like so it will become different than it was before.

Specifically, hell is a state of spiritual mind, and this state can be entered by anyone anywhere.

Hell is a state of mind, and this state can be entered by anyone anywhere.

The first mistake we make is to think that hell is some place in the universe where condemned souls go when they die. But there’s no such place; it would be impossible for God to create one. As we are told in The Bible, God’s power and love extend everywhere: “For as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us (Psalm 103:12).” In other words, hell isn’t a distant planet or solar system somewhere out there in outer space; it doesn’t have any physical location at all!

Secondly: although heaven has no specific geographic location either (being spiritual rather than material), its inhabitants know exactly where they are located because their consciousnesses are able specifically oriented toward heaven through faith and hope in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives on earth today while they await His return someday soon at his Second Coming Final Judgment Day which will separate those who received His mercy during life here on earth from those who didn’t . . . then send them off into two different directions after death—one towards eternal life with God forevermore inside heaven’s gates thanks solely due

Those who are in the hells are not abandoned by the Lord.

It is a common misperception that the Lord is only with us when we are in heaven. But this is not the case. The Lord is always with his children, even when they are in hell. It’s important to realize that the Lord does not abandon us when we go through dark times or make mistakes, but instead he provides comfort and support for us during our trials and tribulations.

The same is true for good things as well—the lord does not abandon us if things go well for us, but instead he will be there to support us during these times of joy and success as well.

Even with realms like heaven and hell, they exist in our minds; they are spiritual realities that we create for ourselves no matter where we physically reside.

The world of spirits and hell are spiritual realms that exist in your mind. These worlds are not physical places, but they can be seen and felt by those who have heightened spiritual awareness. Although these worlds may seem real to you at times, the truth is that they are merely illusions created by your own mind.

The world of spirits and hells is a state of mind. We create them with our thoughts and our choices, and we can change them by changing those thoughts and choices. Even though the spiritual realms are real, they are not fixed or static; they are constantly shifting as we think new thoughts and make different choices. That’s why it is so important to stay focused on what we want instead of what others want for us.