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Inspiring Books by Best Selling Author Perry Stone

Inspiring Books by Best Selling Author Perry Stone

Inspiring Books by Best Selling Author Perry Stone

1) THE CODE OF THE HOLY SPRIT: This is a 20 chaptered book that is all about the holy spirit of God, its about pastor Perry Stone’s research of the holy spirit and the answers he found. He decided to make this research after he had a conversation with a jewfish rabbi who told him “on the day of atonement, god and the high priest could communicate in a language that only both of them could understand”. He also answered questions that were commonly asked about the Holy Spirit.

2) EXPOSING SATAN’S PLAYBOOK: This book by Perry Stone teaches us about the unknown strategy of the devil, which gives us an edge in the spiritual warfare that is always on going. He gives us tips on how to know about attacks before they happen.

3) HOW TO INTERPRET DREAMS AND VISIONS: This book enlightens us on dreams, it teaches us how to tell if our dreams are meaningful or mere dreams, it helps us to understand if our dreams are a message from God and what they mean he also elaborates on unclean dreams and many more.

4) THE SECRET OF THE THIRD HEAVEN: In this book, Perry Stone answered some tough questions about death and resurrection. He got his answers from a deep study of the bible and comparisons between scriptures where heaven was mentioned

5) THERE IS A CRACK IN YOUR AMOUR: In this book Perry Stone explains to believers who are fighting spiritual battles, how to come out victorious and how not to become weary half way into their battles. He explains that we automatically have gears for this spiritual warfare but the success of our gear depends greatly on our knowledge of our weapons.

6) THIS SEASON OF ANGELS: In this book, Pastor Perry sheds more light on the angels, and he answers 20 questions about them. These answers he got from the bible and personal life experiences. He explains the significance of angels and how prophetic activities here on earth increases angelic activities.

7) THE EIGHTH KINGDOM: A lot of people have had visions that the end time is nigh. He answered questions about the current happenings in the world and how they are linked to the end time. He also talked about the link between biblical prophecies and Islamic traditions.

8) PLUCKING THE EAGLE’S WING: In this book, Perry Stone tells us about the link between Israel and the United States of America. He also talks about the truths behind the deaths of American presidents and how without spiritual renewal, there is a danger of the great eagle falling.

9) EVERYONE’S GUIDE TO ANGELS: In this book, Perry Stone and a few other authors explain the jobs of angels which includes, delivering divine messages, strengthening God’s people and much more. They also show us biblical insights of angels and encounter’s.

10) SCARLET THREADS: This book is important to women and mothers, it teaches praying mothers how they can stand in for their children and family in the sight of God, it used Rehab who had a covenant with God for the protection of her family as an example, it also shows women and mothers their God given authority. An example is how to pray for lost sons and daughters to come back home.

11) THE FINAL CIPHERS AND RETURN OF CHRIST: This book talks about the ancient ciphers, a lot of them and what they unlock. These ciphers conceal secrets for our generation that points to Christ’s return! An example is The Cipher of the Third-Trimester Birth Pangs. This is a read worthy book.

12) THE MEAL THAT HEALS: This is a great book by the preacher Perry Stone, he teaches us of the importance of communion and how to receive it correctly, he gave us a four part process to receiving the communion which is the body of Jesus Christ correctly, he teaches in this book that the communion is a part of the healing covenant just like the last supper.

13) LIVING IN THE FINAL CHAPTERS: This book reveals to us the signs of the end time, he also states that as soon as all this signs are complete, the lord will come again, he also teaches us how to discern in this times.

14) THE PROPHETIC FUTURE CONCEALED IN ISRAEL FESTIVAL: This book exposes the concealed prophesies in the seven festivals of Israel, after reading this book, your eyes will be opened to some truths you were never aware of.

15) SECRETS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE: This book is all about life after death, the preacher answers a lot of popularly asked questions about the after life, he make us understand that death is only the beginning and not the end as many will like to believe. Some questions answered include; if there are gateways to hell within the Geography of the Earth, where do aborted babies go and many more.

16) MYSTERY OF THE PRIESTHOOD AND THE BLOOD: This is a book of 176 pages, it clarifies us on which of Jesus’s name to pray with, if we should pray to Jesus as “Christ” or “Yeshua”, it also reveals to us how the sacred name of Jesus Yahweh was hidden in the inscription that Pilate placed on the cross.

17) BREAKING THE JEWISH CODE: This book, unlocks the secrets to the success of the Jewish people, it tells us of the covenant the Hebrews had with God and why it works, it also talks about passing on the blessing to our generation.

18) PURGING YOUR HOUSE, PRUNING YOUR FAMILY TREE: In this book, the preacher talks about spiritual warfare, fighting the devil and his plans for us. He gives us tips on how to go about it just like the prophet who cleansed the lepers house did. He also tells us of how 3:00am is a spiritual time of visitation and how to counter attack the evil once and bind them; this is not the frequently seen warfare manual.

19) UNLEASHING THE BEAST: This book is about the current happening’s in the world and how everything seems to be falling apart, the world is barely recognizable because of the wars, pandemics, brothers slaughtering brothers and it is in general a strange world, the preacher explains to us that God is very well aware and is still in control. He also makes us to understand that it is all a part of the biblical prophecies and they are playing out just right.

20) THE JUDAS GOAT: In this book, Perry Stone talks about betrayal from friends, he makes us understand that betrayals from enemies are expected so it wont hurt as much as that from a friend or loved one. He defined the Judas goat as a wolf in sheep clothing that gains the trust of the sheep’s and then lead them to the slaughter house, he also teaches us how to deal with them in a Godly way and how to forgive them.