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Home » Jamie Wommack: biography and everygthing you need to know about Jamie Wommack

Jamie Wommack: biography and everygthing you need to know about Jamie Wommack

Jamie Wommack: Biography and everything you need to know about Jamie Wommack

Jamie Wommack: Biography and everything you need to know about Jamie Wommack

This article is aimed at helping us know Jamie Wommack better, at the end of the article; we should be able to know the answers to a lot of questions concerning pastor Jamie Wommack like:

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Jamie Wommack was born on the 11th august 1952, which makes her 71 years old in 2021,



Jamie Wommack is the wife of the popular preacher and co-founder of the Andrew Womack ministries, Andrew Wommack. Jamie got married to Andrew in 1972; they have been married for over forty years.



Together Jamie and her husband Andrew Wommack have two sons, their names are Joshua wommack and Jonathan peter wommack respectively and a grand daughter.



 Jamie wommack is the co-founder of the Andrew Wommack Ministries. She is a very important part of the Andrew wommack Ministries, even though she enjoys working behind the scene; she is a part of the ministry’s pillars. The ministry officially began in 1978, and she helped her husband the preacher in managing it. She managed the ministry for as long as it was possible, but when the ministry began growing much more than it was in her capacity to handle, they brought in extra hands to help. Currently, Jamie is also into the music aspect of then Andrew Wommack Ministries, asides the praise and worship aspect, she is involved in charis bible college, she is a gifted singer and touches the life of her audience whenever she sing. In December of 2014, Jamie made her stage debut in the Charis production God with Us and has gone on to be a part of Charis’s Christmas performances. Jamie wommack is a member of the board of directors of the Andrew wommack ministries.



Jamie Wommack husband stated that “My son peter died in 2001, he over dosed with heroin on March 4, and he was dead for between four and five hours,” Wommack says. “And he was in a hospital; they had stripped him naked, put a toe tag on him, put him in the morgue on a slab. And then they called me to tell me what happened.”

“And my wife and I just spoke our faith and agreed,” he says. “And we had such confidence that my son, who had been dead for over four hours, just sat up and started talking, and has no brain damage today.



In a question and Answer session, Jamie was asked her favorite sermon from her husband and she said “my favorite sermon from her husband is and the word was made flesh”



Desiree, previously known as Desiree Jonathan wommack, because she was married to Jonathan peter wommack the son of the famous preacher Andrew Womack for three years claims that their son Jonathan Peter is currently serving time in El paso county jail for beating me The Wommack family has tried to cover up Jonathan’s criminal activities, she further stated that and Jamie showed her sons, it was ok to be a battered wife.

She also stated that Jonathan peter wommack did not die, she said when this incident happened, Jonathan Peter OD’d on heroin and they couldn’t find a heartbeat. They took him to the hospital, where they gave him Narcan, and he immediately he “rose from the dead”

There are claims that Jonathan aged is 39 is a 4 time felon, and he has been given a position within their ministry.


I hope this article on Jamie Wommack: Biography and everything you need to know about Jamie Wommack, has helped you know her better.