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All you need to know about Pastor Joel Osteen Net worth

Joel Osteen Net worth

This article on Pastor Joel Osteen Net worth discusses about everything having to do with how much Joel Osteen is worth, his sources of Income, how much Joel Osteen earns . his assets, etc.

Joel Scott Osteen was born on March 5th. Joel Osteen is an American preacher, televangelist, and author. He is most famous for being the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. The 58 year old pastor has is a controversial figure due to his personal wealth and general advocacy of the “prosperity gospel.”

Osteen’s father john Osteen advised him to become preacher for a very long time, but he refused and rejected the advice, preferring to work behind the scenes until January 17, 1999, when he accepted his father’s suggestion and preached his first sermon. His father died six days later of a heart attack.

After the death of his father in 1999, Joel Osteen took over as head pastor. Under his leadership, Lakewood became the largest and fastest-growing church congregation in the U.S. He quickly expanded the church’s media presence.

There are many estimates about Joel Osteen net worth, but the most accurate range calculated is right at $100 million. Joel Osteen’s book sales, radio show, public speaking fees, and church collection reportedly generate more than $70 million per year in total revenue, he relies on income from book sales. Joel has made his millions from his best-selling book sales. “Your Best Life” which is a huge success with about 100 million copies and brought him promotional deals, additional book deals, and more.

Different from an ordinary pastor, Joel Osteen does not live a low-key life. Instead, he’s a televangelist who lives a luxurious lifestyle down in Texas.

The Osteen family owned a home in the Tangle wood neighborhood of Houston, Texas, which was valued at the time as $2.9 million. The house was listed as having some pretty impressive specifications. Joel Osteen also have a family house, which is 17,000 square feet and occupies a massive 1.86 acres. A large and beautiful ornamental fence secludes it. It is more of a mega-mansion than just a house. It has a large “5,600-square-foot, four-bedroom” house. He lives there with his wife and 2 kids.

The River Oaks stone property boasts loads of unique and luxurious features which span across the large mansion, including 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 open wood fireplaces, 3 elevators, a 1 bedroom guest house, a pool, and a pool house. Tangle wood is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Houston. Osteen’s house is high on his list of most expensive possessions.

His mega-church in Houston is 600,000 square-foot former sports stadium that has a 17,000-person seating capacity.

Joel Osteen reportedly owns “an $86 million Airbus A19,” which is enormous as far as these aircrafts go and is one of the most expensive jets money can buy. The importance of the jet to Joel Osteen cannot be over emphasized Since Osteen travels all over the country to preach.

Osteen said he is not ashamed of his wealth and luxurious life but that he was modest.

I hope this Article on All you need to know about pastor Joel Osteen’s Net worth has helped you know him better  in terms of what he is worth.