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John Hagee Daily Devotionals 4 October 2022

John Hagee Daily Devotionals October 6 2022

John Hagee Daily Devotionals 4 October 2022

SCRIPTURE: -Job 31:6 “Let me be weighed on honest scales, that God may know my integrity.”

Scales measure true value. When an object is placed on one side of a scale, an equal amount of weight must be put on the other to strike a precise balance between the two. We want the scales we use to be fair, balanced, and accurate.

In Genesis 23, Abraham meted out 400 shekels of silver to purchase a burial cave for his wife, Sarah. A shekel was not a coin; it was a unit of measure. Abraham piled silver on one side of the scale, and the owner placed 400 shekels – weights – on the other side. Only when the two sides came into balance was the deal struck. A balanced scale ensured every person was treated fairly and given equal consideration.

When perfect balance was achieved, the individual doing the weighing would say, “All things created equal, this scale is balanced.” As long as all aspects of the exchange remained exactly the same and nothing unexpected happened, the deal was equitable for all involved.

In a world that changes from minute to minute, we still long to know justice and the value that we carry. While the world weighs and finds us wanting, we trust in the accurate and honest measure in the hands of our loving Creator.

Today’s Blessing:

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and give you His peace. Jesus weighed you on His righteous scales and found you so valuable that He died to give you life. When the world rejects you, His arms are open wide. May that truth come alive in you today!

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