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Best 20 books by Max Lucado

Max Lucado books

Max Lucado is a famous pastor  and founder of the Oakhillls church in san Antonio Texas. Pastor max Lucado was born to his lovely parents Jack and Thelma Lucado and he is the youngest among his siblings, he is the fourth child among four children. Pastor Max is a obtained a a degree in mass communication from AbileneChristian University. initially Pastor Lucado wanted to be a lawyer, but after a compulsory bible course in school, he changed his mind and then he later graduated with with a master’s degree in Bible and Biblical Studies from Abilene University.

Below are a list of books written by Pastor Max Lucado and their summaries:

  • Unshakable Hope
  • Grace For The Moment
  • Anxious For Nothing
  • The Oak Inside The Acorn
  • When God Whispers Your Name
  • 3:16: The Numbers Of Hope
  • Facing Your Giants
  • You Are Special (1997)
  • Fearless
  • Just Like Jesus
  • In The Eye Of The Storm
  • He Chose The Nails
  • Traveling Light
  • Before Amen
  • He Still Moves Stones
  • The Crippled Lamb
  • Where’d My Giggle Go
  • Hermie
  • If Only I Had A Green Nose
  • The Boy And The Ocean


Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives On The Promises Of God (2018)

This is a book containing various promises of God that enables readers to live a hopeful life. Each chapter of the book is like an armour of courage that helps us face whatever challenges we come across. Max Lucado in ‘Unshakable Hope’ focuses on 12 promises given to us by God in the bible.

Grace For The Moment: An Inspirational Thought For Each Day Of The Year volume 1 (2000)

Grace for the moment is an inspirational book with valuable insights into God’s presence in our everyday lives. It is a 365 days devotional that contains inspirational thoughts for each day and speaks differently to the heart of its readers.

Anxious For Nothing: Finding Calm In A Chaotic World (2017)

Max Lucado’s anxious for nothing revolves around Philippians 4:6-7 and we shouldn’t be anxious. We are instead encouraged not to loose our calm amidst chaos and to cling unto the peace, which Christ gives to us. We are encouraged to hand our every worry to God.

The Oak Inside The Acorn (2006)

This is a story about an acorn growing into a big oak tree by simply being itself. The book reveals to readers that there is a special purpose for everyone of us and urges us to discover our God given abilities in order to achieve and actualize our individual purposes.

When God Whispers Your Name (1999)

When God whispers your name is a book that talks about God loving us personally. God knows the name of each and everyone of his children and keeps those names in his heart and as a result he is never too far to reach. The book encourages us to listen and answer God’s subtle calls in whatever situation of life we find ourselves.

3:16: The Numbers Of Hope (2007)

The book ‘3:16’ is a reminder of the hope that came with Christ’s death. Max Lucado dissects one of the most famous and well known verse of the bible – John 3:16, where he portrays the loving, kind and forgiving nature of God and His plan for us and our future.

Facing Your Giants: Go Still Does The Impossible (2006)

This book dives into the life of the shepherd boy David and how he faced and defeated the nine-foot giant Goliath. Without the backing of God surely David would have failed to defeat Goliath, but God made the seemingly impossible task so easy and offered David victory. Similarly in our lives, Max Lucado urges us to focus on Gods rather than the giants in our lives for He will give us victory over them.

You Are Special (1997)

Punchinello received only grey dots indicating that he was supposedly inferior than other who received gold stars even though they were all created by Eli. In this book Punchinello admired others whilst looking down on himself until he met Eli who helped him realize that others view about him did not matter and he was special in the eyes of Eli. In the same light, we are all special in God’s eyes regardless of how we picture ourselves or what others think.

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear (2009)

In Max Lucado’s book ‘fearless’, readers are urged to do away with fear and terror and live instead a life of faith. We are to trust in God at all times regardless of occurrences in our personal life, family and the society at large as this is the only way we would be able to successfully combat fear.

Just Like Jesus: Learning To Have A Heart Like His (2003)

As the names suggests, ‘Just like Jesus’ is a book that emphasises on God’s love for us and how He wants us to imitate the ways of Jesus. Our current lifestyle and situations could lead us into thinking that that is all there is for us and hinders our joy, but Max Lucado tells us in this book that God wants more, He wants to undergo change and transformation and live a lifestyle mentored by Christ.

In The Eye Of The Storm (2002)

In the eye of the storm talks about Jesus and how although he is God also encountered storms during his time on earth. It is a book that encourages people in tough situations by simply letting them know that God can relate and he sees and understands. We are encouraged to be like Jesus when we encounter storms in our lives.

He Chose The Nails: What God Did To Win Your Heart (2005)

He chose the nails is a fifteen chaptered heart touching book that looks at the various other sufferings asides the cross that Christ had to endure and all the gifts that comes with them. The nails, the crown of thorns and the significance of each. This book invites us to a deeper understanding and a different dimension of God’s love for us and all he sacrificed for our sake.

Traveling Light: Releasing The Burdens You Were Never Intended To Bear (2001)

Max Lucado invites us in his book ‘Traveling Light’ to let go of burdens such as fear, worries, guilt etc. as dragging around these baggage’s will only weigh us further down. We are encouraged by this book to let go of our burdens in order to be happy The book works hand in hand with the promises of God in psalm 23.

Before Amen: The Power Of A Simple Prayer (2014)

This is a nine chaptered book that simply teaches one how to pray. According to Max Lucado, “prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and his child” suggesting that when we pray we should picture God as our father and ourselves his child. The book is like a prayer manual or guide on prayers and also talks about how a simple prayer could be so powerful.

The Crippled Lamb (1994)

Max Lucado’s crippled lamb tells the story of a lamb named Joshua and how he couldn’t fit in because he had a crippled leg. It holds a strong message to children who are disabled, facing bullying and feel excluded as the prayers of Joshua God answered the lamb in a way he did not expect. God turned around Joshua’s abandonment and being left behind by giving him a special place next to the baby Jesus.

He Still Moves Stones (1992)

He still moves is an eye opener by Max Lucado that reminds us that miracles still happen in these present times. When we are confronted by the trials and tribulations we are called to remember all God did in the bible and how God never changes meaning he can always do it again and clear out our trials. In other words, we mustn’t give up hope especially when undergoing tough times or difficult periods in our lives for God changes not.

Where’d My Giggle Go

When a little boy wakes up feeling grumpy without a smile in sight, he embarks on a search for his giggle to no avail. He searched his pockets, the circus, the bakery etc. and yet his laughter could not be found. This little boy later realizes the secret to being happy was simply making others happy and so he began to help others including his mom, friends and playing with his dogs until his giggle came back.

Hermie: A Common Caterpillar (2001)

Hermie as a caterpillar did not feel special when compared to other caterpillars for he had no stripes or dots. Hermie and his friend wormie did not understand that in God’s eyes, they were all special. However, when they prayed, they felt God’s constant reassurance and his constant love. God also lets them know that his work with them is not finished yet and they were only undergoing a process. It wasn’t until Hermie became a beautiful butterfly did he understand the depths of God’s love for him.

If Only I Had A Green Nose (2002)

This children’s book by Max Lucado revolves around Punchinello, a little boy who is faced with a choice to either be himself or be like everyone else. The book emphasises on the importance of being who God wants us to be as everyone has a purpose for which they were created. We must not succumb to the pressures or need to fit in knowing fully well that we were all created uniquely.

The Boy And The Ocean (2013)

The boy and the ocean is a children’s book that takes us on a journey about a boy and how he begins to understand the depths of God’s love for him. Max Lucado here describes God’s love as a deep ocean that has no end and doesn’t leave. i.e. a constant type of love. By discovering everything created by God the creator, the little boy began to understand the immeasurable love of God.