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Meaning Of Rainbows In The Bible

Meaning Of Rainbows In The Bible

Meaning Of Rainbows In The Bible

The Bible contains many examples of the rainbow symbolizing God’s covenant with Noah and his descendants. A double rainbow is a sign of God’s promise to never destroy the world with a flood again, while a single rainbow signifies His love for all people in general. This article will explore what is the Biblical meaning of rainbows, unicorns and other animals in Genesis as well as how these animals are used by God to convey messages to us today:

Symbolism of the Rainbow in the Bible

The Bible doesn’t say much about rainbows, but the symbol is important in two passages. The first is Genesis 9:13-17 where God sets a rainbow as a sign of his covenant with Noah and his descendants not to put all life on earth under water again.

The second passage is Ezekiel 1:28 where Ezekiel sees God sitting on his throne surrounded by fire and lightening, “and above the expanse over their heads was something like a throne, like lapis lazuli shaped like the seat of a throne” (v. 26). In this vision he also sees four living creatures surrounding God who fly straight off into the sky when they notice that Ezekiel has been watching them; then one turns around and flies toward him (v. 27). This creature stops in front of him and lifts up its wings so that he can see the likenesses of human hands under them (v. 28). This being tells him that he had been sent to tell Israel’s people how evil they are because they had turned away from God (vv 29-30).

What is the Biblical meaning of a double rainbow?

The Bible does not mention double rainbows, but the rare phenomenon is generally regarded as a sign of good luck and divine protection.

The appearance of a double rainbow has been associated with several different Biblical events:

  • The Flood – In Genesis 9, God makes his covenant with Noah and tells him that he will never flood the earth again. A double rainbow appears in an illustration of this event.
  • Moses’s staff – In Exodus 4, God tells Moses to go back down from Mount Sinai and lead his people out of Egypt. As Moses descends the mountain, he sees a double rainbow in the sky above him; it forms an arc that touches both mountaintops on each side (see picture). This event is significant because it shows how powerful God’s word was when He told Aaron to hold up his staff so that it could become a snake (Exodus 4:1-5).

The unicorn in the Bible

Many people think unicorns only exist in legend, but they are mentioned in the Bible.

  • In Job 39:9-12, God describes the unicorn as “the one that catches the eye of kings.”
  • Psalm 22:21 says: “Save me from treacherous dogs, who have surrounded me; rescue me from coyotes who are closing in on me!” This reference to a fierce animal is recognized as referring to a unicorn, which was thought to be a fierce creature that could kill and devour others with its horns.
  • Isaiah 34:7 also mentions unicorns: “The wolf shall live with the lion; the leopard shall lie down with the goat / The calf and young lion shall grow up together; a little child shall lead them . . . They will not hurt or destroy on all my holy mountain; for earth will be filled with the knowledge of God as water covers over all sea” (NIV). This passage refers back to Daniel 7:4 where he saw four animals being led by other animals (eagles), and then one animal followed by 10 other animals appeared. Scholars believe this last animal was some kind of unicorn or deer because it has horns, hooves like an ox, scales like fish scales and teeth like lions’ teeth (NKJV).

The rainbow is a physical reminder of God’s promise to Noah and his family. It is a symbol of His love for His creation and an assurance that He will not destroy the world again with water. The rainbow also signifies His promise to never destroy humanity again for as long as it remains faithful to Him (Genesis 9:15).

The rainbow symbolizes God’s love and God’s promise to Noah never to destroy the world with a flood.

The rainbow symbolizes God’s love and God’s promise to Noah never to destroy the world with a flood.

The story of Noah’s Ark is found in Genesis 6-9, where God told Noah that he was going to send a great flood on earth because of all the evil being done by people. After sending a dove out from the ark twice (once for good news and once for bad news), Noah brought his family into their own special room inside the ark where they would be safe from harm during the flood.

After 40 days of rain, everything was flooded except Mount Ararat in Turkey where there was a small mountain peak sticking up through all that water! So when you look at your next rainbow, remember what it stands for—God’s promise to never destroy us again with another Great Flood!

We hope this article has helped you understand the symbolism of rainbows in the Bible. We have also discussed unicorns in the Bible and what they mean as well. The rainbow is a symbol that represents God’s promise to never destroy the earth again with water like He did during Noah’s time on earth. It’s also used as an analogy for God’s love for all people because He cares about us all individually no matter who we are or what happens in our lives!