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Home » PASTOR JEN-WILKIN: Biography and everything you need to know about her

PASTOR JEN-WILKIN: Biography and everything you need to know about her

PASTOR JEN-WILKIN: Biography and everything you need to know about her

PASTOR JEN-WILKIN: Biography and everything you need to know about her

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Jen Wilkin born Jennifer Wilkin is a bible teacher, speaker and author from Dallas, Texas.



Jen Wilkin was born on 5th February 1969, which makes her 52 years old in 2021; she celebrates her birthday on 5th February every year.



Jen Wilkin was born in Dallas, Texas, United States. She grew up in Wichita Falls.



Jen Wilkin holds a Masters in Business Administrations and has a B.A in English.



Jen Wilkin got married to Jeff Wilkin in 1993 and they have been married for almost 30 years.



Jen and Jeff Wilkin have four children together all of whom were given birth to in the span of four years.



Jen Wilkin is known to be an advocate for bible literacy with with a passion to see everyone deeply grounded in God and become committed followers of Christ. She leads bible studies for women in home and church.

In 2001, she was offered a position as director of Women’s Ministry at her church in Houston where she served for five years. She writes and teaches an interdenominational bible study known as ‘Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study’ with over 800 women from over 60 churches in attendance.

Jen Wilkin’s childhood was spent in seven different denominations where she gathered different experiences that led her to believing that the word was the only certain way of distinguishing truth from error.



As an author, Jen Wilkins has written and published several books, some of her published works includes:

  1. Women Of The Word: How To Study The Bible With Both Our Hearts And Our Minds, 2014
  2. None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different From Us (and why that’s a good thing), 2016
  3. Better: A Study Of Hebrews, 2020
  4. Ten Words To Live By: Delighting In And Doing What God Command, 2021
  5. In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us To Reflect His Character, 2018
  6. God Of Deliverance – Bible Study Book: A Study Of Exodus 1-18
  7. God Of Covenant – Bible Study Book: A Study Of Genesis 12-50
  8. God Of Creation – Bible Study Book (Revised)
  9. 1 Peter Bible Study Book: A Living Hope In Christ, 2018
  10. God Of Freedom – Bible Study Book With Video Access: A Study Of Exodus 19-40



  1. “The truth of God’s limitless power would be absolutely terrifying were it not paired with the truth of his limitless goodness.”
  2. “Being in authority means setting boundaries that preserve relationship. It does not mean setting boundaries that preclude relationship.”
  3. “While God’s omnipotence asserts that there are no limits on his ability to act, God’s sovereignty asserts that there are no limits on his authority to act.”
  4. “No, we cannot be in more than one place at one time. When we reach for omnipresence ourselves, we guarantee that we will be fully present nowhere, spread thin, people of divided attentions, affections, efforts, and loyalties. Better to trust that these bodies which tether us to one location are good limits given by a good God. . . . When we trust him as fully present everywhere, we are finally free to be fully present wherever he has placed us.”
  5. “Just as my assurance of salvation rests in the fact that God cannot change, my hope of sanctification rests in the fact that I can.”
  6. “The past holds for him no missed opportunity. The present holds for him no anxiety. The future holds for him no uncertainty. He was, and is, and is to come.”
  7. “Praise God, no human possesses anything God needs, nothing with which to coerce him or manipulate him. I don’t want you to have that kind of leverage with him, and I’m certain you don’t want me to, either. We are kept safe from each others’ divine blackmail by the self-sufficiency of God.”
  8. “We must recover the truth that was obscured by the Serpent: rather than being like God in his unlimited divinity, we are to be like God in our limited humanity. . . .  Image-bearing means becoming fully human, not becoming divine. It means reflecting as a limited being the perfections of a limitless God.”
  9. “We are line-crossers, boundary-breakers, fence-jumpers, carrying inside us a warped belief that our heavenly parent wants to withhold from us something that is needful or pleasurable. Even as we enjoy his good gifts, we feel a hyperawareness of the boundaries he has set, and we question their validity. Though he gives us nineteen gifts and warns us away from one danger, we suspect that what is withheld is not dangerous but desirable.”
  10. “We are not needy because of sin; we are needy by divine design. Certainly, we can need in sinful ways, and we habitually confuse needs with wants, but we were not created to be self-sufficient. Nor were we re-created in Christ to be so. Sanctification is the process of learning increasing dependence, not autonomy.”



Jen Wilkins Instagram: @jenwilkin

Jen Wilkins twitter: @jenniferwilkin

Jen Wilkins facebook:


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