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St Benedict Prayer For Protection

St Benedict Prayer For Protection

St Benedict Prayer For Protection

It is a prayer that has been used for centuries, and it is said that St. Benedict himself taught it to his monks in the sixth century. It has been passed down through the ages and is still used today by millions of Christians around the world as a powerful prayer for protection against evil forces.

Prayer to St Benedict For Protection

Prayer to St Benedict for Protection

St Benedict, whose life was one of poverty and chastity, intercede for me that I may never feel ashamed of the Cross of Christ.

  • Say three times a day:

O God, who didst give Saint Benedict the grace to live as one with Thy Holy Church and yet keep his heart united with Thee; grant that I may always be mindful of my weakness and need for Thy Divine assistance. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.*

  • While kneeling, hands joined in front of the breast:

Blessed be God forever.*

Let us pray: Father all-powerful, who hast ordained that we should reach heaven by following the example given us by Saint Benedict when he lived on earth as he slept in heaven; grant that we may follow this holy man’s teachings by living a life according to His law that we might come at last into Thy presence without fear or reproach before Thee.* Amen.*

St Benedict Prayer For Protection

The prayer is an ancient devotion of St. Benedict and offers protection from evil forces. The prayer can be used in any situation, whether you are facing a health-related issue or some other problem in your life. It is a powerful tool to protect against evil forces and it can also help with healing wounds of the body, mind, and soul.

The St Benedict Prayer for Protection:

“Lord Jesus Christ, who said “Ask and you shall receive”, make me so bold as to ask on my knees for what I need from You today: To be protected from all dangers including those caused by spiritual enemies; that my every effort may bear fruit according to its purpose; that what I do not know how to achieve may be made known through Your guidance; that those who harm me may not succeed through their wicked schemes.”

Saint Benedict Prayers For Protection

  • Prayer to St. Benedict for Protection

O Glorious St. Benedict, whose intercession is so powerful with God that thou canst obtain whatever thou dost ask of Him, even the salvation of all mankind; I beseech thee, who livest in Heaven and art present on earth through the agency of thy servants, to bless this creature and preserve me from every danger with which I may be threatened by my enemies or by Satan who prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour—the author of death and evil. Help me to bear patiently all that may befall me for Christ’s sake; give me strength against temptation; deliver me from all spiritual oppression and darkness in order that I may walk with greater purity before Thee until death comes upon me: for Thy dear Name’s sake do this for me O blessed Apostle Peter!

Saint Benedict Prayer For Protection Against Poison

Being in a position of power can make you susceptible to evil forces. It is important that you protect yourself with prayer, especially when it comes to keeping yourself safe from poison. You should also pray for protection against other evil influences and intentions, as well as evil spirits.

The following is an excerpt from the book The Rule of St Benedict: Abbey Classics Series by Saint Benedict (470-547 AD), translated by Rev C E Gordon:

“Do not eat at night unless compelled by necessity; but if you do, seek out some more decent food rather than what is sold in public inns.”

Prayer For St. Benedict

Prayer for St. Benedict:

O God, whose blessed Apostle Saint Benedict directed his holy life in a desert place under the sweet guidance of your grace and the direction of angels, grant that we may also be aided by their help in our labors and strive ever towards perfection. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.[1]

  • Pray for protection against all evil
  • Pray for guidance in what to do next in life or how to make a decision
  • Pray for wisdom as you make decisions in your life (especially when it comes to relationships)
  • Pray for healing from any physical or emotional wounds caused by others
  • Pray for strength not to give up when things get tough

Prayer Before A Crucifix Of Saint Benedict

As you pray the prayer of Saint Benedict, you may place your hand on the cross and imagine receiving strength from it.

  • Prayer before a crucifix of Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict, holy father and teacher, you who laid down for us such a firm foundation on which to build our lives that it can never be shaken by any adversity or crisis of life. Be with me now as I turn to you for help in this time when I feel weak and confused in my mind. Grant me strength to do what is right so that I may serve others better with my words and actions. Help me discern how best to proceed through this situation that has upset everything so much; guide me toward solutions which will lead not only me but others involved in this situation toward peaceable solutions as well assist them in finding ways they may better themselves during their own times of trial.—Amen.*

Prayer To Saint Benedict Of Nursia For Guidance And Protection Against Evil Forces

In the name of God, I ask for your guidance and protection against evil forces.

I pray that you would guide me to make wise decisions.

Help me to see beyond the surface of things and read between the lines.

Help me to know what is good for my soul, body, mind and spirit.

Guide me so that I may recognize the evil in those who surround me today and throughout my life; those who are trying to destroy all that is good in our world today by spreading lies through their corrupted hearts and minds.

St. Benedictus Medallion – Pray This Powerful Prayer!

St. Benedictus Medallion – Pray This Powerful Prayer!

The St. Benedict’s Medal is a powerful devotional medal that represents the protection of St. Benedict and his followers. The medal was created in 1483 by Pope Sixtus IV who was devoted to the saint and wanted to spread his message during a time of great turmoil within Europe. It’s also known as the “Holy Medal of Saint Benedict,” or simply “St. Benedict’s Medal,” because it can be used by anyone who desires protection from evil forces through prayers addressed directly to Sts Peter and Paul, whose images are on both sides along with an image of St. Benedict himself in the center with his arms raised up asking God for forgiveness for all those who wear this powerful medallion around their neck or pinned onto their clothing as they pray each day while wearing it regularly over long periods of time (i.e., daily).

St. Benedict’s Medal – A Powerful Devotion!

As a powerful devotional, the St. Benedict medal is a symbol of protection and guidance from God. It can be worn by Catholics to ward off evil, but it may also be used as part of an overall spiritual arsenal that includes other devotionals such as prayer beads or holy water.

The medal was created in Italy in the early 1800s by Father Peter Bertoni who was bedridden with tuberculosis and wrote poems while he waited for death. One day he saw Jesus bathed in light standing before him saying “Arise, follow Me.” Jesus gave him instructions on how to make this medal which would aid those who wear it. In 1825, Father Bertoni died at age 26 but not before he had made several thousand medals and distributed them throughout Europe after his death through another priest named Father Aubertin who had met Peter during his last days on earth

The St. Benedict prayer is a powerful devotion to ask for protection and guidance from the Lord

The St. Benedict prayer is a powerful devotion to ask for protection and guidance from the Lord. It is a short prayer, consisting of only two sentences. The first sentence asks God to bless you with safety and safety; the second asks that you not be afraid of anything that can happen in life. The original text of this prayer reads as follows:

“Before I go to sleep let me commend myself to You O Lord Jesus Christ Who was born into this world for our salvation, so that Your grace may lighten my darkness, purify my soul and body from all evil humours.”

I hope the St Benedict prayer will bring you the peace, protection and guidance that you need. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at