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Home » Stephen Chandler: Biography and everything you need to know about Stephen Chandler

Stephen Chandler: Biography and everything you need to know about Stephen Chandler

Stephen Chandler: Biography and everything you need to know about Stephen Chandler

Stephen Chandler: Biography and everything you need to know about Stephen Chandler

This article is aimed at helping us know Stephen Chandler better, at the end of the article; we should be able to know the answers to a lot of questions concerning pastor Stephen Chandler like:

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Who is Stephen Chandler married to ?

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Pastor Stephen Chandler was born to immigrants from Barbados that lived in the suburbs of Baltimore County, a predominantly African American middle-class community.



Stephen Chandler was born to his parent, his father is  Ron Chandler and he is also a Pastor, but there is barely any information on his mother.



Chandler Stephen has four siblings, but not much is known about them.



Stephen Chandler is married to  his very lovely wife Zai Chandler, Both of them pastored Destiny Church for over 10 years before Union church. His wife zai chandler is from Sierra Leone, she also comes from a church family and together their main aim or major goal as Christian pastors is to see people and help people discover their God given destiny and united to their purpose.



Stephen Chandler and his wife have two children, their daughters; Zoe Chandler and Jade Chandler and their son, Roman Chandler.



Chandler stephen and his family currently reside in Columbia, MD with their two children.



Stephen chandler’s father, Ron chandler was a pastor, so he has always been involved in the ministry.

Stephen was the senior pastor of Destiny Church a church known for its Destiny Church was founded in the year 2011 and since then has recorded a growth of thousands of people.

It all started as two different churches, the fathers of pastor Stephen chandler and pastor jimmy Rollins both built their separate churches and it flourished. Ron chandler’s church was built in 1997 it was called the new life international fellowship, While Bishop Rollins built the living waters worship center in 1994.

Upon handing over the churches to their sons, they changed the names of the ministries. In 2011 pastor Ron chandler handed over the new life international fellowship to his son and he renamed it destiny church while in 2012 Bishop Rollins handed over his church living waters worship center, to his son Jimmy Rollins and he renamed it the i5 church. The both churches went on very well and gathered a lot of members for themselves individually.

In year 2020, Pastor Stephen and pastor jimmy both started a new journey, after some prayers and fasting and counsel from their church elder, they decided to merge the church.

On April 4th 2021, destiny church ad i5 city church merged to become union church. This merge was done based on psalm 133:1.

Interestingly, Stephen Chandler’s dream was to become an entrepreneur, own a restaurant, make a lot of money and fund the kingdom, but not to actually work in the church.

At the age of 23, after making up his mind to leave, his father asked him his thoughts on becoming senior pastor and that was how he became a senior pastor.

The union church believes in God as the creator and ruler of the universe. Jesus Christ as the Son of God. The Holy Spirit is equal with the father and the son as God. The union church also believes that salvation is God’s gift to man and that man is made in the spiritual image of God, to be like him in character. The church also believes that man was created to live for eternity. God gives man eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ and because of this, the believer is secure in that salvation for eternity.



Below are some sermons by Pastor Stephen Chandler:

-The fight of your life

-The blessings of a closed door

-I never saw it like that

-Moving Day

-It was on purpose

-Something has to die




Instagram: @stephenrchandler

Twitter: @PastorStephen_

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I hope this article on Stephen Chandler: Biography and everything you need to know about Stephen Chandler, has helped you know him better.