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Stories About Faith In The Bible

Stories About Faith In The Bible

Stories About Faith In The Bible

Faith is the foundation of all things. God has promised that He will be faithful to us, that He will save us and give us everlasting life. The Bible tells us what it means to have faith in God through stories of people who trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. These are some of those stories from scripture:

Section 1: Noah’s Faith

Noah lived a thousand years before Moses led his people out of Egypt. And when Noah was five hundred years old, he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth (Genesis 5:32). Two hundred years later, God told Noah about the flood which would destroy everyone but Noah’s family (Genesis 6:13-14). This warning came after many generations had passed since Adam’s sin caused death to enter into the world (Genesis 3:19). In other words, lots of people had been born – then died – since Adam sinned! That made it seem impossible that only eight people could survive this coming destruction. But even though there were millions (perhaps billions) more humans than just eight on earth at this time in history, God promised that only these few would be saved from drowning during His judgment upon wicked mankind due to their sins against Him…


Abraham is the first man whom God chose to be a forefather of his people. He was given many responsibilities and trials, including being asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham was willing to do anything that God asked him to do because he trusted in God completely.

Abraham also had faith in a God he could not see, which may sound hard to believe now but it wasn’t then. At one point when Abraham was walking with his servant, they stopped near some trees and Abraham prayed this prayer: “Oh Lord! Show me your ways.” Then he sent his servant back home while he would wait for an answer from the Lord (Genesis 18:1-15). In those days there were no religious leaders or churches so people depended on each other’s faith and testimonies for guidance on how to live their lives according to what they believed in their hearts; thus we have stories such as these where men followed their hearts rather than rules made by someone else


Joseph was a Hebrew who was sold into slavery by his brothers. He ended up in Egypt, where he was given the position of prime minister to King Pharaoh. While there, Joseph interpreted a dream from God and saved all of Egypt’s crops from seven years’ worth of drought. Later, when famine struck Canaan and other surrounding countries, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt looking for food. Joseph recognized them but did not want them to be harmed by their former captors, so he asked them to return home with him as immigrants so that they could survive.[1]


Moses was saved by faith in the Lord God of Israel.

Moses was saved by faith in the Lord God of Israel.

Moses was saved by faith in the Lord God of Israel.

Moses was saved by faith in the Lord God of Israel.


You may remember Daniel from Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. He’s known as a prophet, and as one of the greatest prophets to ever live! That’s because he had faith in God, who protected and blessed him throughout his life.

Daniel was a Jew, born in Babylon where Jews were captives at the time. (We call this time “the Babylonian Exile.”) Daniel started out as a captive but ended up working for Nebuchadnezzar and rising to prominence among other leaders like Belshazzar and Darius the Mede.

Daniel had found favor with God because of his dedication to prayer and fasting; it was these things that helped him become such a respected leader in Babylon during those years when many Jews were being persecuted by their neighbors. This is why we know that Daniel had integrity; he stood firm when others did not—and ultimately proved himself faithful even when there wasn’t anyone around to see what he did!


David was a man after God’s own heart. He was anointed king of Israel, he was a musician and warrior, a poet, and he became the second king of Israel.

David grew up as a shepherd boy learning how to play music on his harp. One day when David was out tending his sheep he met with Saul who would be the first king of Israel.. When Saul saw David playing his harp for him he said “Listen to this young man play”. After that day David became one of King Saul’s servants because he kept playing music for him whenever they were together.

Eventually when King Saul started losing battles against their enemies it got so bad that God had enough and wanted to punish him by taking away his life so that there could be someone else who could lead them instead! So what did God do? He turned around and gave it all back again but through another person named David instead (the same person who used to play music for them).

It is interesting how people can change over time especially when something bad happens like losing battles or being criticized about something small like singing loudly or wearing fancy clothes around town without any fear about what other people think about them…


Elijah was a prophet from Israel who lived around 1,800 years before Christ. Elijah was a great prophet who was sent by God to the people of Israel.

Elijah had many different experiences during his life, but one important story about faith in the Bible is when he ran away from God’s work because he didn’t want to be afraid anymore. This story shows how God can sometimes bring us into situations that scare us and make us feel alone, but He will always be there with us if we turn back and trust Him again.


Esther was a young Jewish girl who became Queen of Persia. Esther’s uncle Mordecai told her to hide her Jewish heritage and live as someone else. King Xerxes ordered all Jews to be killed because he thought they were trying to take over the country, but Esther and Mordecai were able to save the Jews from being killed.

Faith can be used to overcome adversity.

Faith is used to overcome adversity in the Bible. Our faith in God can help us through troubling times, like Job who lost everything he cared about but still believed in God’s promises. We can use our faith to get through tough situations and keep moving forward with a positive attitude, just like Paul did when he was imprisoned and wrote encouraging letters to other Christians in prison. Faith gives us hope when everything feels hopeless, so we can have peace even if things are bad right now!

Stories about faith in the Bible are a great way for you to learn more about your own faith, and help you grow stronger in it. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, there are many resources available online. You can also check out our blog for more articles on religion and spirituality!