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Home » TAFFI DOLLAR: Biography and everything you need to know about her

TAFFI DOLLAR: Biography and everything you need to know about her

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TAFFI DOLLAR: Biography and everything you need to know about her

TAFFI DOLLAR: Biography and everything you need to know about her


This article is aimed at helping us know Taffi Dollar better, at the end of the article; we should be able to know the answers to a lot of questions concerning pastor Taffi Dollar like:

When does Taffi Dollar celebrate her birthday?

how old is Taffi Dollar?

Where was Taffi Dollar born?

Who are Taffi Dollar parents?

Is Taffi Dollar an only child?

Who are Taffi Dollar siblings?

Where did Taffi Dollar study?

Which church does Taffi Dollar attend?

Who is Taffi Dollar married to?

How many children does Taffi Dollar have?

What is there to know about Taffi Dollar career?

Taffi Dollar quotes.

Taffi Dollar books.

Taffi Dollar sermons.

Taffi Dollar social media handle.



Taffi Dollar previously known as Taffi Bolton is the wife to the famous preacher Creflo Dollar, she is a public speaker and a very talented author, and she is also a great businesswoman as she is the manager of Arrow Records. She was born in 1973, which makes her 48 years old (2021). She went to Georgia State University in 1983; she graduated in year 1986 with a degree in mental and human services.



Her husband founded the world changers church and she founded the World Changers Church International Radical Women’s Ministry and the Prestige Ministry, Taffi also has a blog called She created the world changers Christian academy independent Christian program.



Taffi got married to her husband in year 1988 although they met earlier than that in year she was converted and led to Christ by Creflo her husband. Together they have five very lovely children. Out of those five children, two were adopted Gregory and Jeremy are the adopted children of the Dollars, Gregory was adopted at age 17 while the rest of their children are Gregory Dollar, Lauren Dollar who was born in 1997, Alexandria Dollar who was born in 1993, and Jordan Dollar is the first daughter of the Dollar’s.



Taffi Dollar is three million one hundred and five thousand, nine hundred and forty five dollars (3,105,945). Her sources of income are numerous, they include, the sales of her books, public engagements, church salary, the arrow records of which she is the C.E.O and many others.



Some books by Taffi Dollar the wonderful author includes:

  1. Enhancing the love God wants you to have
  2. The successful family
  3. A woman after Gods heart
  4. Reigning in life through diligence
  5. Your spiritual make over
  6. The portrait of a vitreous woman
  7. Authentic dare to be real
  8. Marriage enhancement
  9. Understand the will of God
  10. Family matters



Here are some Taffi Dollar Sermons:

  1. Making room
  2. Jesus wants you to have and enjoy life
  3. God’s opinion of you
  4. It’s a new day
  5. Make room by ending blame
  6. Peace be still
  7. Right time right place
  8. Make room by letting go
  9. Male and female blessings
  10. How to experience victory all the time



Here are Some of Taffi dollar Quotes:

  1. “Be honest with yourself today. Who or what has captured your heart? What do you think about and spend your energy on more than anything else? If there is anything or anyone else who gets more of your attention than Jesus, it’s time to back away from it or them. Then acknowledge Jesus in everything you think, say, and do instead of just nodding to Him from time to time when you need help. Keep yourself from idols by being His partner in life.”


  1. “A day of God’s favor will put you light years ahead of what it takes others a lifetime of struggle to obtain.”


  1. “The answers we need to move forward in our lives. To live in joy and victory we must change our minds. When we change our minds we will make better decisions, and our lives will improve. Quit blaming the devil! Quit blaming your spouse. Quit blaming everybody else and take responsibility for your own stinking’ thinking’. If you want to function like Jesus, you are going to have to think like Jesus.”


  1. “Decide that today you will not judge anyone but yourself and see what happens. Allow the Holy Spirit to deal with your attitudes, words, and behavior. At the same time, notice if you judge your life by another Believer’s life. It’s okay to follow them as they follow Christ, but you don’t want to follow them instead of Christ. Today, remember that we all are the Lord’s!”


  1. “Then one day we wake up and realize that our hearts and minds are consumed with a certain relationship or activity that has replaced God by becoming our first priority. That is idolatry.”


  1. “ Worshipping idols is not just buying a statue of some pagan God and bowing down to it every day. Worshipping idols can be much more subtle. It is giving our devotion to anything but God.”



Twitter: @TaffiDollar

Instagram: @taffidollar




I hope this article on TAFFI DOLLAR: Biography and everything you need to know about her, has helped you know her better.