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Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

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Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

If you’re looking for bulletin board ideas for Thanksgiving, the following are wonderful ways to decorate your classroom.

Thanksgiving banners

You can create a banner using construction paper, card stock or other materials. The size of the banner will depend on how large you want to make it. You can also use your bulletin board border as a template for your banner (if you are using one).

Once you have your template, trace around it on your construction paper or card stock and cut out the shape with scissors. Next, fold each side into the middle so they meet in the center and tape them together at this point. Finally, hang from ceiling or tape to walls when complete!

There are many ways to create a banner, but they all have one thing in common: they need to be large. You can use any type of material and color you like, as long as it’s big enough to fit your needs.

The best part about this is that you can use these ideas with any holiday or occasion. You could do it for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and moreThe Indian corn is also a great way to teach students about Native American culture and traditions. This is especially true if you are teaching a social studies unit on Thanksgiving or have students from Native American backgrounds in your class. It can be used as an activity for students who are reading about Thanksgiving in their books, or it could even be used as part of the lesson itself!!


  • Use a turkey clip art.
  • Use a turkey cut out.
  • Use a turkey print.
  • Use a turkey poster.
  • Use a turkey picture.
  • Use a turkey stencil.
  • Use a turkey stamp (like this one).
  • Put up some Turkey Stickers or Turkey Crafts, like this one or these ones!

Indian corn

Indian corn is the perfect Thanksgiving decoration for your bulletin board. It can be made out of paper or real corn, and it will add a fun touch to any Thanksgiving bulletin board. The best part is that you can use it in so many ways! For example, when you are giving students desks in your classroom for the first time, this is an excellent way to label them. You could even use the Indian corn as name tags for each student’s desk or table. In addition to labeling desks, this would also make a great list of things we are thankful for on our own personal bulletin boards during Thanksgiving!

You can also create a simple place card with leaves. Just cut out the shape of a leaf, write your guests’ names on them and glue them onto plates or napkins that are placed at each seat.

Autumn leaves

A simple way to decorate a bulletin board is to use autumn leaves as the focal point. You can use glue sticks to adhere the leaves directly onto the board, or you can use twigs, paint, and other materials from nature to add details like veins in your leaf. Leaves can also be used as name tags for guests at your Thanksgiving dinner party!

You might want to consider adding some homemade turkey decorations around your leaf display—if you’re feeling ambitious, you could even create an entire turkey out of paper plates (this activity could easily become one for the kids).

Turkey feathers as name tags

Turkey feathers are an easy, inexpensive way to make name tags for the Thanksgiving feast. Attach each feather to a piece of string and hang them from the ceiling, or place them on a bulletin board at mealtime so that people can find their seats easily!

Gratitude letters or posters

A gratitude letter is a way to show your appreciation for someone who helped you. It’s also a great opportunity for kids to think about the things they are grateful for!

This bulletin board idea will work well as either a poster or as letters. If you choose the letters option, each child can write one (or more!) and put it on their own desk or in the hallway where everyone else can see it as they walk by. You could also attach them all together with ribbon or string and hang them on the wall in your classroom door!

Decorate the bulletin board for Thanksgiving with these ideas.

You can use a variety of bulletin board ideas to decorate your bulletin board for Thanksgiving.

  • Use the bulletin board ideas that fit your classroom theme.
  • Use the bulletin board ideas that fit the needs of your students.
  • Use the bulletin board ideas that fit the needs of your school.
  • Use the bulletin board ideas that fit the needs of your community, state and country.

Enjoy creating your own Thanksgiving bulletin board! As mentioned above, you can use a combination of photos and drawings to create a display that is both creative and colorful. Remember to keep in mind the size of your room when selecting your supplies so no one has trouble seeing from afar.