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What Does The Bible Say About Art

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What Does The Bible Say About Art

What Does The Bible Say About Art

In Genesis 1, we see God’s beautiful creation of the universe and all that dwells within it. In this same book, we read about how God breathed life into man and woman so they could continue his work of creating. Throughout the Bible, we find many examples of art being used to express truth and connect us with the Creator. So what does the Bible say about art?

The Creation Story Teaches That God Is The Creator Of Art

God is the creator of all things. He created the world, and everything in it, including art. Humans were also made to be creative, as God intended for us to make art ourselves.

There are many different types of art: painting, drawing, sculpting and pottery are just some examples. There are also various methods that can be used when creating any piece of art (such as using water colors or oils). The Bible tells us that God has given humans free will to use their creativity however they choose!

Worship God Through Art

Whether you are a church leader or an artist, it is important to remember that art can help us worship God. Artists need to be reminded of this truth because they often feel their work is not spiritual enough and therefore undeserving of praise. The apostle Paul says in Colossians 3:17 that we are to “let the word of Christ richly dwell within” us, so we may “be filled with all the fulness of God” (v19). Art can help us achieve this goal by helping us express our love for God through creativity and beauty.

Artists also need to know that their work is not merely an empty expression of ego, but rather reflects their desire for all people—including themselves—to see God’s kingdom come!

Be Creative

Art is a way to express yourself.

Art can be a way to connect with others through your artwork and its message.

Art can create something new, unlike anything else that already exists in the world. This is a great thing! We love being surrounded by originality and creativity! In fact, we believe that God created us all with this gift inside of us!

Finally, art can be used as a tool for expressing your faith in Jesus Christ through images and symbols that show God’s love for all people (including you). It was after all Jesus himself who said “I am the good shepherd” (John 10:14-15).

Create In His Image

God created us as image bearers. Therefore, we are to create in His image.

The image of God is seen in all people.

The image of God is seen in all creation (Genesis 1:27).

We also see this reflected through the work that humans do, as God has blessed them with creativity (Genesis 1:28). Therefore, we should work in his likeness by creating art which reflects the character of God and glorifies Him.

We can use art to help connect us with truth and express truth in a meaningful way.

We can use art to help connect us with truth and express truth in a meaningful way. Art that focuses on the future and future rewards is Biblically permissible, but it is not our primary goal. Our primary focus should be on the present life and using the talents God has given you to glorify him now.

We’re all called to be artists in one way or another. Whether it’s through making music or painting a canvas or playing with clay, we can express our creativity and connect with God by using art. Just as God created the world in His image through His Word, we can use our own unique talents to create things that reflect who He is.