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What Does The Bible Say About Oral Sex

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What Does The Bible Say About Oral Sex

What Does The Bible Say About Oral Sex

Oral sex is a taboo topic in many Christian circles. Although it’s not always addressed directly, there are some verses that can help us understand how God views oral sex. In this article, we’ll explore what the Bible says about oral sex and masturbation.

Question #1: Does the Bible say oral sex is a sin?

Does the Bible say oral sex is a sin?

While it’s not specifically mentioned in the Bible, oral sex isn’t considered a sin—as long as it’s done in a loving and consensual way.

Question #2: What does the Bible say about performing oral sex on my husband?

You may be wondering what the Bible says about performing oral sex on your husband. While the Bible doesn’t mention oral sex directly, it does address two major issues that are inextricably linked to this subject: sexual purity and sexual ethics.

Sexual purity is a crucial aspect of biblical sexuality because it protects us from unhealthy relationships with other people, ourselves and God (1 Thessalonians 4:7-8). Sexual ethics are closely related to sexual purity because they regulate our behavior during sex so we can remain pure until marriage. Both are relevant for all people regardless of gender or orientation (Romans 1:26-27).

Question #3: What does the Bible say about receiving oral sex from my wife?

The Bible is clear that sex is for marriage, and oral sex is not mentioned in the Bible. However, it does not say that oral sex is a sin or wrong.

Many people ask about receiving oral sex from their wives and whether or not it’s acceptable. The answer depends on what kind of relationship you have with your wife. If you are married to someone who won’t stop asking for this type of sexual gratification outside of marriage (or even while she is married), then this isn’t something that should be allowed without some sort of intervention. If you are single, however, there is nothing wrong with it as long as both parties involved have consented to engaging in such activity together voluntarily without coercion being involved (like sexual harassment).

While there may be no harm done physically when engaging in this act with one’s spouse who has HIV/AIDS​—she could still spread her disease through bodily fluids—it can become problematic when the man refuses intercourse because he believes there’s no need since “everything else feels good anyways!” This creates an imbalance between partners where one party feels used instead of loved because they were never treated equally sexually​—something God wants us all equal partners when entering into any kind of relationship! So remember: Oral sex isn’t recommended unless both partners agree beforehand​—then let love prevail instead!

Question #4: Does the Bible talk about anal sex?

If you’ve been wondering if the Bible covers the topic of anal sex, it does not. The Bible does not specifically mention oral sex either (see below for more information).

In fact, nowhere in Scripture is there any mention of masturbation or oral/anal/vaginal intercourse.

Question #5: Is it wrong to masturbate?

Masturbation is a sin because it involves sexual expression which is reserved only for married persons. Masturbation is also a sin because it is selfish and self-centered; in order to masturbate, one must focus his or her thoughts on such an act. Additionally, masturbation may be a form of lust as well.

The goal of Christian sexuality.

God created sex to be a gift between a husband and wife. Sex is a way to express love and intimacy with our spouse. It’s also an act of worship; we are communicating with God through our body, expressing our love for the Lord through what we do in bed. It’s not just an act of self-love; it’s an act of love for your spouse too, who you are showing affection towards by performing oral sex on them.

In short: it’s all about the other person (or persons) involved in the sexual relationship—and that includes yourself!

Our bodies are given to us by God and we should honor him with them.

You might be wondering, “What does this have to do with oral sex?” Well, God created sex and marriage and he wants us to honor him with them. Oral sex is a way of enjoying both of these things together, but if it’s not in the context of marriage then it dishonors God because it is outside of his design for marriage.

God designed our bodies for one purpose: to glorify him by using them as he intended them (1 Corinthians 6:20). Our bodies were given to us by God and they are not ours—they are his! Therefore we must honor him with our whole selves (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). If we want to use our bodies according to their original design, then we must honor him with them through abstinence until marriage.

The Bible is clear about the role of sex in a Christian marriage. It’s also clear that oral and anal sex are not approved by God. While there is nothing wrong with manual stimulation, we should always seek to honor God with our bodies and use them for his glory rather than our own pleasure.